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We know the feeling when a beloved pet goes missing and how hard it is to know where to start looking for them. As an emergency hospital, we often have lost pets brought into us who we help reunite with their families.

Is your pet lost or missing? To help you in the search for your pet we’ve developed a lost pet register. By uploading your details our hospitals will be notified to be on the lookout for your pet, and if they are found and are brought into one of our hospitals we’ll be in touch.

For tips on how else to help find your pet, visit our what to do if your pet goes missing blog.

Lost dog poster on telegraph pole

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If we find them, we’ll give ou a call right away.

Your Pet's Details

For example, what colour collar do they wear, do they have tags on their collar
The photo should be of high resolution, taken in good light so we can properly see colours, and show your pet's face and preferably their whole body (please avoid uploading photos including people)
Max. file size: 100 MB.

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