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Tell your clients about your chosen after hours emergency service

Getting the right information in a pinch can be difficult in an emergency – making a plan with your client for those times is so important.

It’s now even easier to request free information about our services from us.

Simply fill in the below form and we’ll send you everything you need to make it easier to direct your clients to us in after hours emergencies.


Available Information

Tick, toad, snake, and heat stroke brochures

This handy brochure outlines what to do in the event of tick paralysis, toad toxicity, snake envenomation, or heat stroke.

The back of the brochure features a map of their nearest Animal Emergency Service and information on getting there.

Inside the Animal Emergency Service tick, toad, snake, and heat stroke brochrue

Fridge magnets

A handy magnet for your client to pop on their fridge at home to send them to their nearest Animal Emergency Service in case of a pet emergency outside your opening hours.

Animal Emergency Service Jindalee fridge magnet

Window Sticker

Ever had a patient turn up to your practice after hours and panic not knowing where to go?

This reflective window sticker will direct your client to their nearest Animal Emergency Service with address, phone number, and a handy map.

Animal Emergency Service Underwood window sticker

Animal Emergency Service Logo

Give your clients peace of mind when you’re closed by sharing our details on your website.

Start by letting us know if we are listed on your website as your after hours emergency care provider. If we aren’t, we’ll be in touch with you shortly via email.

In Case Of Pet Emergency Folders

These valuable resources are ideal for placement at your clinic’s reception desk, ready for any emergency walk-ins.

Equipped with essential tools like drug therapy information, common CRIs, a convenient fluid chart, and CPR emergency drugs with their respective doses, you can rest assured that your team will have instant access to crucial knowledge during critical cases.

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