My daughter’s 12 week old pug, Georgie, got very ill one Sunday afternoon, and finding no solace in speaking to my own vet, I rang Animal Emergency Service for a second opinion.  The receptionist, and then nurse I spoke to were very helpful and informative and suggested I get Georgie to them as soon as possible.

We were seen quite quickly on arrival, and Georgie received a thorough examination, as well as some tests on the spot.  The vet, Dr Sarah, who was wonderful, recommended an overnight stay, just to keep an eye on her.  The process, procedures and an estimate of costs was given to me, and I was invited back to the “houses” where Georgie would spend the night.  We were given a check out time for the following morning before we left.

We called twice during the night, and were given very helpful updates by the nursing staff, and was then contacted by Dr Sarah later that night assuring us Georgie was doing very well.

The check-out procedure was very quick, the actual costs of care were lower than quoted, and Georgie is now back home with us, happy and healthy.

Thanks you so much for looking after Georgie so well.

I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone unlucky enough to have a sick or injured animal after hours.



13th December 2015


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