DSC06381Big thank you to Dr Justin McMahon for saving our 2 year old Rottweiler X, Langer.

Usually our girl is a very naughty dog, but when she began vomiting foam, drooling and not eating we became very upset.

We quickly took her to the Emergency Service at 9pm on a Thursday night and were very welcomed.  Dr McMahon consulted us and was concerned for Langers well being, promptly requesting that she stay in overnight for medications, x-rays etc.

We were contacted in the early hours with details of her progress and after various tests, narrowed it down to Langer having HGE (Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis) which can be treated, and we were allowed to collect her the following day for referral to our local Vet.

By our Vets advise, Langer was on a strict diet and medication for the next week, her family and especially her best buddy Lockyer is happy to have her home – however if we had not taken her to the Emergency Service, we could have lost our girl, so we are thankful and grateful we have lovely caring Vets such as Dr Justin McMahon and his team.

Big hugs from Langer!

Jarrad & Alecia

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