Australian and New Zealand veterinarians visit Queensland every year for  Science Week. This major education conference offers veterinarians programs about the latest in scientific and clinical updates from leading professionals and there’s also the highly anticipated awards.

The ANZCVS awards include examinations to become a Member, or Fellow, in a veterinary field of expertise. College Membership is awarded to those with a high level of competence and on the job experience in their nominated field with at least three and a half years post-graduate experience. On top of that, they need to successfully complete written and oral examinations. Fellowship is more challenging.

The Animal Emergency Service has an ANZCVS Membership study and mentorship program for veterinarians who aspire to be part of this exclusive group of high achievers. The head of this program is our illustrious leader, Dr Rob Webster, who has obtained the highly sought Fellowship in the field of Emergency & Critical Care.

A message from Dr R Webster:

On behalf of our team, I send congratulations to our amazing team at Animal Emergency Service, Perth Vet Emergency and PetICU in 2018. I’m proud to announce the significant results we’ve achieved this year and on behalf of our team of Directors, I congratulate all of you as well as those who are part of our alumni who’ve achieved commendable results.

First and foremost, congratulations to Dr Ellie Leister, Director of Pet ICU. You are an inspiration to the whole team and we are all behind you and we will help you smash that last exam. We’re proud of your achievements and we’ve all got your back to support you through this final process.

I’m also proud to congratulate our team who passed the MANZCVS exams. Your dedication and study towards obtaining Membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) is amazing and I know our whole team joins me in applauding you with respect for your hard work. Well done to:
Dr Matt Rosen
Dr Kellie Doyle
Dr Geoffrey Dodds.

A huge well done also to extended family:
Dr Richard Seymour
Dr Claire Madden

Congratulations to the following who received the prestigious Emergency Chapter awards for their published papers:

  • “Spherocytosis in a dog after Red Belly Black Snake Bite” Dr Elise Lenske, AES Underwood, (toxicon 2018)
  • “Fulminant pulmonary haemorrhage in dogs after Eastern Brown Snake Bite” Dr Oriana Leong, AES Carrara, (toxicon 2018)

I’m so very proud of what our team have achieved this year and I look forward to the challenges we’ll help each other through in the next year. I also welcome all team members, and future members who’d like to be part of this journey, to put your best foot forward so we can help you achieve your dreams to be a leading veterinarian in your chosen field of study and specialisation.


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