Packing up your home and moving it elsewhere can be an extremely stressful time for both humans and pets alike. Our beloved animals aren’t usually too fond of changes to their environment or routine, so it’s important to help them stay as comfortable as possible throughout this process.

To help you do this, Animal Emergency Service has compiled a list of our top tips for keeping your pet feeling calm and happy as you move them to their new home.

Keep them out of the way 

Before you start lugging boxes out into the moving van, make sure that your dog, cat or other animal is safely locked in a quiet room with a litter tray, food, water, bedding and toys. Not only can this prevent them from feeling anxious amongst all the movement, but it also stops the possibility of accidental injury after being stepped or tripped on. When you get to your new house, unpack these items and do the same thing until all boxes and/or furniture are unloaded again.Moving Home

Maintain their routine

Your pet loves their home. That’s where they feel comfortable, safe and happy. They know it well and have asserted themselves amongst this environment, so when they are forced to move to a new one it naturally takes them some time to adjust. While this is something they must do themselves, you can help them feel comfortable by sticking to their previous routine as much as possible. This can include things such as keeping the same meal and walk times and placing their bedding and food in the same room as it was in your previous abode.

Unpack familiar items

Every pet has their favourite household item – whether it’s a chair, blanket or something else entirely – and these things will bring them great comfort amongst the new, often stressful experience of a big move. Make an effort to unpack these things first to ensure that they can easily find them when they are navigating their new home, providing comfort and familiarity that can ease the stress of the change.

Going outside

It’s important to make sure that you cat feels confident and comfortable inside before allowing them to explore the great outdoors. This usually takes between 2-3 weeks, depending on the personality of your furry friend. Letting them out any earlier poses the risk of them becoming lost or confused by their new surroundings, with many cats finding their way back to their old home instead.

It’s important to remember that adjusting to a new environment can take some time for your pet. By trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible, they will begin to feel right at home once again.

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