Our very own, Dr Alex Hynes took time to chat with Quest Media about the high rate of pet ownership in Logan homes. A recent finder.com.au study placed Logan in the top spot with New Beith and Spring Mountain with 84% of homes in these suburbs owning a dog.

Dr Hynes isn’t surprised Logan residents cherish their pets. She also highlights the importance of being a responsible pet owner ensuring your pets are microchipped.

Hundreds of lost animals are handed in to Animal Emergency Service hospitals annually and we’re able to reunite them with their owners if the details on the microchip are up-to-date. Current phone numbers are vital so be sure to make an appointment with your vet who will be able to scan your pet and provide the contact details for the animal registry.

Read the Albert Logan News article at http://quest.smedia.com.au/albert-logan-news/

Image courtesy of questnews.com.au/logan

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