One morning, Bullie’s owners found little their 15-week-old Bull Terrier snacking on a cooked rib bone. Suddenly, he swallowed it whole, in one gulp! The family rushed him to Animal Emergency Service immediately. Dr Brooke quickly took x-rays to see if the bone was still whole… when another surprise awaited her. As it turned out, Bullie also had a large bottle cap stuck in his stomach. This posed a high risk of obstruction and damage once it passed into the intestines.

Bullie 4

Bullie was quickly admitted into hospital for endoscopic removal of BOTH the bottle cap and the sharp rib bone. The team placed him under an anesthetic and a camera was inserted down his oesophagus into the stomach. This is a delicate procedure that takes a lot of patience and careful, precise movements to allow removal of the objects.

Luckily, both the bottle cap (Great Northern!) and the entire sharp rib bone were removed without any evidence of damage to the stomach and oesophagus. Bullie was back to himself just hours after his procedure…trying to chew out his IV catheter!

Bullie 2

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