What do you do when you find your cat has her head stuck in a watering can? You visit Animal Emergency Service of course.

Gorgeous “Snowflake” a 6-month-old Ragdoll was found with her head stuck in a tight spot. Her owner tried to remove the watering can but she became very stressed. They weren’t able to remove it so they contacted the Animal Emergency Service at Underwood where Snowflake was consulted by Dr Clare Peterson.

“Snowflake’s symptoms presented normally. She didn’t have an increased respiratory effort and didn’t present with any abnormalities apart from the watering can stuck to her head.” Dr Peterson recalls. “She was given plenty of pats and cuddles while we removed the object. It took a little bit of manouvering and there was mild swelling of the left ear but no other injuries were noted.”

This lucky kitten was given an anti-inflammatory injection to bring down her ear swelling as well as pain relief. Within minutes, she was dischared from the Animal Emergency Service hospital embarrased though she’s thankful for the tender loving care she received from the veterinary team and has asked we don’t tell too many of her feline friends – she has a reputation to uphold!


Written by Solange Newton

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