Life in an emergency hospital is incredibly fast-paced and exciting. We love what we do, and the most satisfying part of our job is seeing your pets return home healthy. We do believe however, awareness and prevention is better than cure, so let’s countdown our top three Easter emergencies.  The puppy of the spitz-dog and fruit

1. Raisin Toxicity

Did you know grapes and raisins can cause acute renal failure in our pets? Unfortunately, the toxic dose range is varied as research has demonstrated even one grape can pose dangers and it doesn’t depend on the size of your pet. The delicious rum and raisin chocolate we adore so much, is a recipe for disaster in our furry friends.

Easter cat with colorful eggs 2. Foreign Bodies

With all the festivities, our pets can get a little too enthusiastic with indulging in treats, some of which are inedible! Often Easter toys, BBQ skewers, corncobs, and large seeds can pose unlikely and dangerous objects for obstruction resulting in the need for surgery. Keep these out of reach this long weekend.

3. Chocolate Toxicity

The good ol’ chocolate case ingestion, over the years we have seen our fair share of cases. As much fun as a Chocolate Egg Hunt is, please keep your pets away from this part of the Easter action. Chocolate contains two toxic components – Theobromine and Caffeine, leading to dangerous clinical signs of a high heart rate, gastrointestinal upset, and seizures. See our upcoming blog post for more information. Easter puppy

We hope you enjoy your Easter festivities! If you need us, we will be working around the clock over the long weekend.

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