Paralysis ticks are extremely dangerous for your pets. Symptoms can begin with wobbliness in their legs, or reluctance to walk upstairs, and that progresses to when they’re unable to stand and unable to even get up onto their chests.

In some cases, if a paralysis tick goes untreated for too long it can result in an inability to breathe and become fatal.

Dr Webster said daily checks through pets’ coats were also essential.

“The tick attaches and it takes three to five days for the pet to become paralysed,” he said.

“During those three to five days you can find the tick — not by looking for it with your eyes because they’re a little tiny bump, and when they’re fully engorged they’re about the size of a fingernail — but by running your fingers through your pet’s coat you can feel the bump, split the coat and have a look.

“You really need to focus on everywhere in front of the shoulders when you’re doing that.

“And so with prevention, and a good tick search every single day, your chances of getting tick paralysis are really, really reduced.”

Article originally posted as ‘Keep a close eye on your pets — it’s peak paralysis tick season and they’re killers’

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