Queensland weather automatically conjures up images of white sandy beaches, blistering sun, and fish and chips. However, packing up your family for a day at the beach and having to wave goodbye to your dog’s sad eyes as you drive away can leave your otherwise happy day with an ever-present melancholy. So why not take them with you?

There are a number of dog-friendly beaches in Brisbane and even more just a short drive away in the Gold Coast area. So why not include your furry little friends in your family trip next time.

Nudgee Beach

With one of the biggest enclosed dog parks in Brisbane (with an included agility course!) Nudgee Beach has plenty to offer the family for a fun day out. There’s a huge body of water that even a pup with limited water skills can still have a good time in. Just be aware that some parts are more mud flaps than ‘beach’ so be sure to pack a few extra towels for your pooch for the drive home!

Dog on Beach 4

Currumbin Creek

We know this is not technically a ‘beach’, but once you arrive I’m sure you will forgive us! This is truly doggie heaven and at any point of the week can be seen to be filled with every breed of dog imaginable. Please be aware that this area is close to a car park and café so make sure your pup is trained enough to return to you when their name is called if need be.

Palm Beach

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular doggie friendly beaches this side of the Gold Coast and you can usually count on more dogs than humans… which is never a bad thing! This is a great location if your dog is a strong swimmer and loves jumping into waves with you à la Baywatch style. The dog-friendly section only lasts for a portion of the beach, so respect the locals and pop a lead on your pooch when you see the corresponding signs.

Dog on Beach 3

Colmslie Recreation

Another firm Brisbane favourite, Colmslie Rec Reserve, is another jewel in the doggy water park adventure list. Nestled just behind an aquatic centre, Colmslie Rec includes a small enclosed dog park with agility equipment and quiet car park for easy access. The waves here are not as intense as a usual beach so this is a great place for our little pups that are still learning to swim.

Dog on Beach 2

A Day with your Dog: Be Readily Prepared with Essentials

  • Make sure to pack plenty of fresh clean water to counteract the effects of salt water, as too much salt ingestion can affect our dogs in a pretty serious way
  • Pack some yummy healthy snacks for your pup to munch on after they’ve run amok on the sand
  • Don’t forget those towels to make sure your pup is nice and dry for the car ride home

Don’t forget to have fun! And, as always, the Animal Emergency Service is here for any after hour emergencies and accidents.

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