My greyhound is watching my galgo
Last year – 2016, appeared to be year of the greyhound. Anti racing bills trying to pass through the senate, trainers getting arrested and charged for animal cruelty and many small defenceless animals that were used for live baiting being released free.

Now it’s 2017 and the question lingers – what happens to all the greyhounds?

Greyhounds are perceived  as big dogs that are extremely energetic and fast. In reality? They are the biggest couch potatoes with even bigger hearts! Animal emergency service have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons that greyhounds make great pets.

  1. They require very little exercise

Greyhounds are great pets for today’s busy lifestyle. Work a 9-5 job but really want a dog in your life? Greyhounds love a 20 minute walk around the block and then love to snuggle in their favourite comfy position for the rest of the day.

  1. They are gentle giants image-1

Whilst quite large in stature, greyhounds can be incredibly gentle and calm. Retired racers are happy to match you and your family’s active lifestyle or simply laze around the house. Either way a rescue greyhound can make a great family pet. As long as they have a safe and soft place to sleep, they’re happy to follow the family around all day and snuggle up to you at night.

  1. They are extremely affectionate.

Greyhounds, once rescued, love nothing more than snuggling up to their human on the couch.

  1. They require little to no upkeep.

Being a short-haired  dog, they require very little grooming. A daily brush (just like any other dog) and a nail clip every now and then after a bath, and you and your dog are good to go!

  1. image You’re saving a life by adopting an ex racer.

By adopting an ‘ex racer’, you’re providing a home for a dog that’s currently waiting in foster care desperately seeking a forever home. By adopting a greyhound that’s currently in foster care or available for adoption, you’re making room in those rescue groups or foster homes for more animals or greyhounds to be rescued and bring them one step closer to a loving forever home.

So if you’ve read all of this and feel like you and your family are the perfect match for a greyhound, congratulations! There are many companies Australia wide that are waiting to give you the chance to provide a greyhound with a forever home. So what are you waiting for? Adopt a greyhound today!





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