One Saturday evening tabby cat Harvey began wheezing and meowing ever so strangely. On Sunday morning, he appeared to have difficulty breathing and was uninterested in food. By Sunday evening, worried owner Dennis noticed that he hadn’t moved all day, collapsed when trying to move and was salivating excessively. Harvey then vomited which made him start to cry. What could be so wrong with this 14-year-old kitty? This was a mystery only we could solve.

By the time he arrived at our Carrara hospital, Harvey was so severely stressed and anxious, Dr Nicole was unable to take his temperature. A paralysis tick was eventually found and diluted tick serum was administered slowly intravenously over an hour, along with close monitoring, oxygen, and tick searches were performed every four hours. Harvey was very lucky to escape complications given his Hyperthyroidism and potential underlying cardiac condition. A much happier Harvey returned home a few days later.

While it is tick season all year round in Queensland, our clinics have been seeing an increase in cases over the last month. Keep your pet safe by staying on top of tick prevention medication, searching your pets daily, keeping lawns mowed and clearing tall grass and brush, minimising access to bushy environments, and if you find a tick seek veterinary treatment immediately.

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