We’ve all been there. That terrifying moment when you realise it could be life or death for your beloved pet. Your heart is racing, a million thoughts are running through your head, you panic because you don’t know what to do. Whether it be a dog fight, car accident, snake bite, allergic reaction, the list goes on, emergencies happen when we least expect them. But you can be prepared!

What would you do?

Bella crash bench Bella was rushed to AES late one Sunday night experiencing violent seizures. The seizures were so severe, the team had to administer an anaesthetic just so they could assess her properly. After performing an emergency blood test, it was found that Bella was suffering a severe hypernatraemia, life-threatening high blood levels of sodium. With Bella’s brain cells swiftly shrinking as water was being forced out of them and into her blood, her prognosis was poor. The team acted quickly to save Bella’s life with intensive fluid therapy and constant monitoring.

It was later discovered that earlier that day, Bella had ingested a large amount of the children’s hidden Easter eggs. Knowing that chocolate is dangerous for dogs, her family had tried their best to rid Bella of the toxin by giving her a salt paste, a traditional home remedy to induce vomiting. The consequences were terrifying. Thankfully, after spending several days in our hospital, Bella made a full recovery. Sadly, however, this is not the first case we have seen and not all patients have been as lucky.

In many cases, early treatment is crucial to ensure a favourable outcome in a life-threatening situation so being prepared is essential and this not only means knowing what to do, but also knowing what NOT to do.

Be Prepared!

First Aid Book Pet emergencies are stressful, especially if you don’t know what to do. The completely revised and updated Animal Emergency Service First Aid Book has been designed as a one-stop-shop for all common pet emergencies. An informative and comprehensive guide that explains in simple terms, various common conditions and illnesses, the guide has been created to put your mind at ease with easy to follow instructions on how to effectively respond in life-threatening situations. Complete with a comprehensive index for quick reference, as well as information on what vet treatment can be expected and lists of potential complications, the First Aid Book is an invaluable addition to every pet owner’s library.

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Whatever the emergency, we’ve got you covered!

With 31 chapters, each dedicated to a specific common emergency or illness, the AES First Aid Book is an essential resource for all devoted pet owners. Complete with simple and easy to follow instructions, clear and detailed illustrations, lists of causes, symptoms, prevention and importantly what NOT to do, this user-friendly manual is the perfect at-home reference for common pet emergencies.

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