Create your precious pup their very own Doggy Icy Pole, by freezing a dog treat in some water in a container. This special treat not only keeps your dog hydrated while licking away at the icy pole but keeps them occupied as the ice takes its time to melt away. 

What you’ll need: 
  • A container that holds at least 500ml of water and is deep 
  • Doggy biscuits 
  • Water or pre-made broth 

Step one: Find a mould – it could be a plastic Chinese container, a silicone mould, we’ve even seen people use cake tins!  

Step two: Place the dog treat at the bottom of the mould. I use regular doggy biscuits from the pet store, but you could use apple slices, cheese or even some cooked chicken breast (no cooked bones!). 

Step three: Fill your container with water up to 2 cm from the top of the vessel. Place this in the freezer overnight or freeze for a minimum of 1 hour (depending on individual freezers and the volume of water, it might take a little longer). 

Step four: Before giving to your dog, ensure to loosen the edges of the container with some hot water on the outside of the vessel, and prise out the Doggy Icy Pole to give to your dog.


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