As seen on episode 3 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast

Bernadine arrived home to her family, to see her daughter and very distressed dog owner Frankie, crouched over the body of her 7-year-old Staffy Labrador Cross. Jimmy Choo had been in a dog fight with Bruce, the (much larger) neighbour’s dog, and Frankie was distraught having just found him extremely worse for wear.

Bernadine immediately rushed poor Jimmy Choo to Animal Emergency Service arriving with severe dog attack bite wounds. Veterinarians Dr Alex Hynes and Dr Gerardo Poli were quick to assess the extent of Jimmy’s trauma but feared the worst as they searched over his torn up body, finding deep wounds in the most horrific places, including over the top of his kidney and abdomen. If the teeth had punctured through far enough, Jimmy would face dangerous and life-threatening surgery to remove his kidney.

Grandma Bernadine stressed just how pivotal Jimmy Choo was to her daughter. Frankie had been battling with her mental health for quite some time and was given Jimmy Choo as a birthday present. She had clung onto Jimmy Choo as her lifeline ever since. This much-loved pup was the light of her life and helped her through, day by day. After finding Jimmy in such an awful way, Frankie was beside herself, choosing not to visit the hospital, unable to bear seeing her best friend in such a bad state. Dr Alex reassured Bernadine they would take the very best care of their beloved Jimmy.

As the night wore on it was clear Jimmy would need several hours of clipping his fur and further exploration of his wounds to find the true extent of the damage. He was still in a fair amount of shock so Dr Alex and Vet Nurse Tracey gave Jimmy a general anaesthetic to put him to rest, and once sedated began his treatment. Dr Brooke Schampers accompanied Dr Alex in clipping and thoroughly checking over each bite mark, assessing how Bruce had grabbed a hold of and tore Jimmy’s skin with his sharp teeth. Both were shocked at the size and amount of the wounds.

Dog attacks produce some of the worst wounds, as canine jaws deliver powerful, intense pressure as they clamp down. Their sharp teeth can cause extreme damage to the outside of the skin – but, more dangerously on the inside too. With serious wounds on his abdomen and kidney areas, Dr Alex and Dr Gerardo performed an urgent ultrasound on the Staffy Labrador Cross to assess any internal damage. Luckily, there was no bleeding or free fluid present in the results, and the veterinarians could see a good blood supply to his kidneys. This confirmed the best possible scenario – Jimmy would be okay!

Not out of the woods yet, however, Alex and Brooke were still concerned about each of the wounds, which would need to be made bigger in order to be cleaned out successfully. With dog hair, dirt, and other bacteria likely present in the wound, the team would need to treat each wound site to ensure they were clean and free of infection.

The pair worked over each of Jimmy Choo’s wounds to clean and stitch them up, with the brave pup receiving over 100 stitches by the end of the night. When Jimmy finally awoke, Dr Alex had organised a surprise – a visit from Grandma Bernadine! The visit aided in helping the immediately cheered up Jimmy Choo to relax and heal.

A few days later, Frankie arrived at Animal Emergency Service to pick up Jimmy Choo, thanking the veterinarians for saving her best friend. Reuniting Frankie and Jimmy – it’s easy to see how much they need and love each other. For Dr Alex, being able to return the lucky dog back to Frankie in one piece is one heartwarming moment she will never forget.

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