Cruising around on drives… feeling the sun and wind on their face… dogs enjoy even the simplest pleasures in life. Especially when they are side by side their best friend (that’s you!). Canines explore the world with their senses, in particular their smell so hanging their drooling face out the window gives them an abundance of sensory info as they fly past interesting people, delicious food, gardens, cars, or other dogs and animals. This may be cute but is potentially dangerous, as Tori found when her Bull Arab X Jynx suddenly leapt out the open window in the back of their moving ute.

Jynx hit the ground hard and rolled away from the ute, luckily not going under it. She managed to get up and walk for a few paces, limping on the left hind leg, before collapsing back down again.

As expected Jynx was dull, lethargic and in shock having been covered in superficial bruising and grazes from her forelimbs and head down to her back legs. After arriving at AES Carrara, Dr Anya Jackson also discovered a 1.5cm deep wound on Jynx’s right front leg, just narrowly missing the joint. Her left hind leg was even worse off with swelling causing so much pain that she was unable to bear any weight on it. X-Rays revealed the left leg was fractured, also showing mild pulmonary contusions – essentially a bruise of the lung from chest trauma. Jynx was kept overnight due to the risks with chest trauma complications such as bleeding into the thorax, abdominal cavities and bladder rupturing,


Treated with pain relief, antibiotics and a lotta love from the AES team, Jynx pulled through remaining stable overnight… and with one very healthy appetite! She was discharged the following day with specialist referrals for fracture repair surgery. Due to the repair time, ability to heal well in dogs required for broken bones, limb amputation is often recommended. So when traveling in cars with our excitable furry family members, always ensure windows are up high enough they can’t squeeze through.

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