Leo almost bit off more than he could chew… or rather, got stuck in it instead! The four-year-old poodle arrived at our Tanawha hospital one Sunday night after getting his tongue jammed in his piggy chew toy. Leo’s parents were very quick to rush him to us which was vital to save his tongue. The longer his tongue remained stuck, the more it continued to swell, and the higher the risk of having irreversible damage to the tongue became.

Leo stuck

Shortly after admission, Dr Jack inserted an IV catheter and sedated Leo. Within 10 minutes he was anaesthetised and a small saw was used to begin sawing into the thick rubber. As one could imagine this was a highly delicate procedure, involving numerous staff to ensure the tongue was closely examined so any trauma from the saw blade could be avoided.

Within minutes the toy was safely removed and Leo’s tongue was carefully examined. Luckily there was no severe trauma to the tongue and Leo was on his way home with his tail in full wag. Sadly, we cannot say the same about his piggy chew toy!

Leo's toy



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