jollyoscarIt is very traumatic to find that your pet has gone missing, and it is hard to know where to start first in finding your pet.

The following tips will help you to be reunited with your pet as quickly as possible:

  • Ensure that your pet is microchipped.  If your pet is taken into a veterinary clinic, a microchip is the fastest way that ownership can be determined.  Make sure if you change address or phone numbers that you update your details on the microchip database.  If you take over ownership of an animal that is already microchipped, have the details transferred into your name.
  • Attach an identification tag to your pets collar, with their name and phone number.
  • Also attach your pets council registration tag so that the council can contact you if your pet is surrendered to the pound.
  • Ask your neighbours if they have seen your pet – often they have simply wandered into somebody elses property quite nearby.
  • Place signs around the neighbourhood, and remember to take them down after your pet has returned home.
  • Contact the Animal Management section of your local council on a daily basis to see if your pet has been surrendered to them.  Also visit the website of your local council as some have an online register of lost and found animals.Logan City Council
    Phone:  3412 5318
    Website: City Council
    Phone:  3403 8888
    Website: Coast City Council
    Phone:  5581 7600

    Sunshine Coast City Council
    Phone:  5494 5244

  • Contact all of the veterinary clinics in your local area. Search our list here.
  • Contact the RSPCA on 3426 9999
  • Contact the Animal Welfare League of Queensland
  • List your pet with an online service such as the following:
    Queensland Lost Pets Register

Written by Solange Newton 

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