Our night began like any other night, until we discovered there was about 1.5m of laptop power cord missing and one guilty looking dog, Sooty.  So we gathered everything up and took him to the Animal Emergency Service at Underwood.

Sooty was hospitalised and had x-rays taken.  The x-rays clearly showed where our missing power cord was!

Luckily for Sooty, he was in good hands and after a big meal and some persuasion, he brought it all up without needing to go into surgery.  The staff at Animal Emergency Service were very helpful and kept us informed of his progress.  We were very grateful that he was in good hands.

Sooty was fine to return home the next morning where he slept all day and felt sorry for himself.

Nowadays, Sooty runs out of the room when we move a power cord, so fingers crossed he has learnt his lesson!

Written by Ross & Stacey (Sooty’s humans)


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