Eye issues are something that may not seem like an emergency when they first show up in our pets. We’ve all noticed a bit more discharge in the corner of the eye here and there, or our pets rubbing at their peepers more than usual. It is best to pay close attention when these things start to occur as eye issues have a habit of becoming worse quickly!

Sometimes the culprit for a sore eye can be small but turn into a big deal. A small scratch that may be invisible to the naked eye but seen with the use of  fluorescein stain can easily turn into a surgical emergency if left untreated for too long.

Other times there is actually something even lodged in the eye that is hard to see without the use of proper handling and equipment. This kitty (left) had a nasty piece of twig lodged in her cornea. With a quick anaesthetic and careful steady-handed work, this twig was removed and she recovered fully with anti-inflammatories and topical medications.


If you see your pet rubbing at their eyes, they have increased or abnormal discharge, are squinting more than usual, shying away from light or have increased swelling of the eye or eyelids, seek vet assistance as soon as possible. Owners whose pets have an eye issue often come into the emergency clinic apologising for bothering us with something trivial but with the eyes you can never be too careful!



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