As seen on Episode 4 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast       

Concerned parents Kira and Farnine, and their daughter, Zaynib, brought their cat, Princess, into Animal Emergency Service on suspicion that something was wrong. At only 8-months-old, Princess had just given birth to a litter of five kittens, alarming the family when she went missing just beforehand. After searching the house, they eventually found the new doting mum in the backyard, having just given birth.

The family arrived at Animal Emergency Service and handed Princess and her gorgeous tiny baby kittens over to Dr Alex Hynes, describing a hard lump in her belly. With a quick feel, it was evident that Dr Alex would need to investigate further… and soon. If Princess still had another kitten stuck inside her, an urgent c-section would be required but with Princess being so young, Dr Alex was hesitant to perform this.

As it was already 12 hours since Princess gave birth, Dr Alex and Vet Nurse Tiffany took quick action. With each minute ticking by, the risk of complications gets worse.

The first step, separating the kittens from their mum. Out of sight, out of mind. Princess immediately became calmer so the team could begin an ultrasound, and were completely surprised at what they found. The hungry Princess must have been so ravenous after giving birth, that she had scoffed as much food as she could. Luckily there were no more kittens to be found, her belly was just full of food!

Relieved, Tiffany and Dr Alex gave each of the five kittens a health check. Four of the five kittens were a healthy 100 grams each – but Dr Alex was concerned about the fifth much smaller kitten which would need to be monitored. Being the runt of the litter, the fifth and final kitten was tiny, meaning she may have to compete harder than the rest of her siblings to “get a spot at the milk bar” and feed from Princess.

Alex returned Princess and her new babies back to Kira, Farnine, and Zaynib, happily delivering the good news – nothing was found in her belly but food and as a result, this restricted her breathing. Although Kira felt silly bringing in Princess when there was nothing wrong, Dr Alex reassured her that she had done the right thing. It is always best to bring a pet to an emergency vet when worried, and Kira knew she wouldn’t have been able to sleep if something were wrong with her beautiful Princess.

Warning the family that the fifth baby may need a little extra TLC to ensure she gets fed, Kira immediately felt protective of the smallest little cutie. It was decided that although all of the babies will stay with Princess until they are weaned and adopted out, this little one will be staying with the family and her mum for good.

Meanwhile… out the back, Dr Gerardo was looking after a stray rat, who from his perfectly healthy condition had clearly been much loved by a family. After resident prankster Dr Gerardo tried to (unsuccessfully) scare Dr Alex by placing the rat on her shoulder, Alex and Myff checked local websites to see if anyone was missing the stray rat. Three days later, no one has claimed her, but Myff had fallen in love. The new pet, dubbed Bruce Wayne, was given a new home with the excited Myff, complete with a new cage and rat hammock.

It is well-known that Animal Emergency Service team members can be big softies. The team are always taking in strays and adopting them for themselves; sometimes helping to take care of wildlife and other animals, rehabilitating them until they are healthy again. Good on you Myff… Bruce Wayne just scored the best home possible!


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