Our Border Collie X, Saphire (Saph) had a crudely made explosive device containing a white powder (presumably chlorine) blow up in her face in Toowoomba (2012).  Saph was so scared she wouldn’t enter our temporary Toowoomba home after seeing the vet.  So we travelled 2 hours back to home.  We phoned AES expecting an appointment for the next day, and was advised to come down straight away, “we will be waiting”.  This was very comforting so down I came.  Saph being allowed to sniff around the clinic relaxed finally.  She allowed Dr Corin to examine her, and was happy to be lead away to have treatment.  The team put both Saph and I at ease.

Thanks to all the staff at Animal Emergency Service your attention and care is truly appreciated.  I was asked by the Toowoomba Chronicle if I was angered by the attack on our beloved family pet, I explained I would have been more angered and upset if not for the wonderful support showed by the Police, RSPCA, Toowoomba Council Animal Management and of course the angels in our story are the people working in animal care, the vets, nurses and reception staff that refused to allow us to think negative and were always optimistic during the three weeks of treatment.

Still in my mind is my initial contact with Animal Emergency Service where I was offered to come down straight away, “we will be waiting”.  My daughter and I had just driven in separate cars 2 hours from Toowoomba and this simple phrase “we will be waiting” was so comforting and supportive.  We knew then we made the right choice in returning home.

Written by Saph’s Human

patient-saph1           patient-saph2

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