Laura Greenup
Pet Intensive Care Unit Vet Nurse
Certificate 4 Veterinary Nursing

When did you join the Pet ICU?

I joined Pet Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in April 2017 after working at Animal Emergency Service (AES) for four years.

What drew you to helping animals?

I was always around animals from a young age going to my uncle’s farm helping raise orphan lambs or calves. When I was older I got into horses and always had a family dog and cat. So it was always going to happen.

How did you end up in emergency medicine?

After working in Sydney in a small general practice, I moved overseas to travel and ended up working in a UK emergency and specialist hospital, and in African rehabilitation of African animals. That’s where I found a passion for the fast pace and complicated cases. When I returned I was seeking the same standard and then I came across AES. This gave me the drive to keep bettering myself and my aim was to reach PICU. After four years, I achieved my goal and started to work with amazing people and amazing cases. Every day is a new case and I continue to learn with each patient.


What is your favourite story working in emergency medicine?

I worked very closely with a little dog that presented to us extremely sick. We were trying to work out what had happened by running a number of tests, and in front of us, the little dog was looking like he wouldn’t be with us for much longer. We had talked to the owners and said it’s not looking good, but we are not giving up on him. I stood with him my whole shift, we had about nine different medications going into three different IV’s and towards the end of my shift, his vitals were starting to hold. This little dog was a true fighter. I came in the next day for my shift and he was still with us but still not looking amazing. I decided to get him up for a walk and he brightened up. We then offered him some roast chicken and to everyone’s surprise, he ate, when less than 24 hours before he nearly left us. He went from strength to strength and a few days later he went home to his mum and dad.

Compared to other hospitals, what is the best part of working in the Pet ICU team?

We are all driven to be the best we can be. To give our patients gold class standards at all times. We treat each pet as if it was our own and we learn every day to keep us at the top of our game.

What do you do outside of work?

I spend time with my baby son Harvey and my husband Sam. I have a beautiful fur baby Zola (Golden Retriever). We go to the beach as that’s Zola’s favourite place then to cafes. We enjoy bush walks and getting out and about. My spare time is spent making my kids happy, as it makes me happy.

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