Animal Emergency Service Jack Wall

Dr Jack Wall


Dr Jack Wall is an emergency Senior Veterinarian on the Sunshine Coast, in the suburb of Tanawha. Growing up, Dr Jack loved animals and had a passion for medicine and surgery, so it was only natural that he follow a future career path as a veterinarian.

Dr Jack found his way to emergency medicine after doing some solo after hours shifts at a previous workplace, where the majority of his patients were in need of immediate attention. After the work became rewarding for Dr Jack, he decided to call Animal Emergency Service his new home.

With so many patients stepping through the doors at AES Tanawha, it’s hard for Dr Jack to choose his most memorable case – however he recalls a poorly Kelpie X severely injured when the dog was hit by car. Suffering from fractured front and back legs and compound fractures, Dr Jack and the team constantly monitored the Kelpie’s recovery, and with supportive care was able to save his life. Just a few days later the dog underwent surgery at CVS, and recovered amazingly well.

In fact, Dr Jack has so many of these stories that follow him from previous jobs too. Dr Jack had a patient arrive with ductus arteriosus at previous job. Referral was not an option for owners, so we went ahead with surgery – originally warning that the outcome may not be successful given we were not specialists. The surgery ended up being a great success and was one of the highlights of Dr Jacks career.



Three quick questions with Dr Jack

ONE    Tell us why you like working for Animal Emergency Service?

AES are great to work for as they strive to always be better, making sure that patients are treated as best as they can be. Client satisfaction is also something that they strive to improve, and I enjoy being a part of a workplace dedicated to these causes.

TWO    What would you say to an inspiring vet?

There’s going to be hard times on shift, but the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from seeing the animals get better makes it all worth it.

THREE    What do you do outside of being Dr Jack for fun?

Some of my favourite hobbies are going to the gym, snowboarding, hiking – and I am luck enough to live on the Sunshine Coast where I can put time into my newest hobby, surfing!