Senior Veterinarian AES

Dr Michele Rebelo

Senior Veterinarian
BSc (Veterinary Biology) BVMS MANZCVS (Emergency & Critical Care)

Bringing extensive experience in her field, Dr Michele Rebelo is dedicated to her role as Senior Veterinarian at Animal Emergency Service, Carrara. Michele was drawn to helping animals as they are unable to advocate for themselves or articulate how they are feeling: “It’s easy to misinterpret their suffering because they don’t often cry or vocalise it, so they need us to recognise their pain, suffering and illness”.

When asked about her most memorable or unusual case, Michelle recalls “A dog with a lacerated jugular vein from a dog attack. We had to literally squeeze bags of blood transfusions into the dog to replace the enormous blood losses from the wound. There have been so many memorable cases that I’ve seen over the years in emergency practice. The caseload certainly keeps you on your toes.”

So many cases are thrilling for Michele, but her most memorable patients are tick and snake patients on mechanical ventilation and unable to breathe well. It brings so much happiness to Michele when they recover, knowing that they only survived because of the intensive care they received.

Tell us about why you like working for AES, and how you think we offer the best care for our patients.

I have worked for a lot of emergency practices, but I have stayed with AES because they are constantly evolving and doing even better work – and encouraging their people to do the same.


How did you end up in emergency medicine?

I wanted a workplace where I could practice high quality, best practice veterinary medicine – and AES was somewhere with an endless range of varied and interesting cases!


Is there an activity/somewhere local to you that you love taking your pet/s? If so tell us about it.

We have a Ragdoll cat who we adopted as a stray. We think he has abandonment issues. Whenever we walk down the driveway he thinks we’re leaving him and runs after us vocalising to make us come home.