Animal Emergency Service Jindalee Reception Manager, Grace Borg

Grace Borg

Reception Manager
Dip HR Management     Cert III Frontline Management

Grace commenced with Animal Emergency Service mid-2016 in the role of Reception Manager at the Underwood practice. This follows an extensive career working in the Airport, Banking Fraud, and Gaming Industries where she gained a well-rounded knowledge in Business Management, Finance Operations and Human Resources.

Grace thrives in her role and enjoys being a point of contact for clients “to offer reassurance that we are here to help in their time of need. If you’ve ever been to a human hospital and waited for extended periods of time not knowing what is happening – it can be very stressful. I always want to aim that our clients are informed and looked after by the client care team to minimise the stress they are feeling.”Working at AES brings many benefits and challenges.

She also enjoys learning new things daily as no two days are the same. “At an emergency clinic you don’t know what will come through the door so you have to always be ready for anything. I am always amazed and inspired on the miracles our vets do each day.”

In her spare time, Grace likes to keep busy while spending quality time with her daughter and friends. She has a Maltese X Shih Tzu named Phoebe who is her daughter’s best friend. Phoebe wakes the household for school each morning by jumping and giving face licks which is more effective than an alarm clock. “It’s a pleasure for my daughter to be woken by her best friend instead of her mum!”