Stefanie Bauer


Dr Stefanie Bauer is a veterinarian at Animal Emergency Service Carrara, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. When every little girl spent time playing with dolls growing up, Stefanie was equally obsessed but with My Little Pony. From as young as she could remember, Stefanie wanted to become a vet – and it’s never changed!

Originally spending a year in general practice, it wasn’t what Stefanie expected, and instead she craved something different. Trying her hand as an emergency vet quickly spurred a passion for emergency medicine. “Once I had a taste of emergency medicine, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. This is how my journey with Animal Emergency Service started,” says Stefanie, who now calls the emergency room at Tanawha home.

Stefanie really enjoys the challenge of working on critically ill patients, and for her, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to get pets back home to their families. Recalling one of the most memorable patients, Stefanie was glad to help a shar pei with gastric bloat who also needed her spleen out. Her family was so thankful and all her treatment went very well – she was able to return back home and was up to her usual antics in just weeks. 


Three quick questions with Stefanie

Tell us why you like working for Animal Emergency Service?

I love working for AES because we not only strive for the highest standard of care for our patients, but we also look after each other in order to be able to do this. We are more like a family than a team and no matter the situation there is always support around. The senior veterinarians are always more than happy to lend their experience to ensure that each patient receives optimum care and is treated no different than our own pets would be.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I love being outdoors and active – running, hiking, boot camp and then sometimes just soaking up the sun. If not out and about I enjoy being at home with my husband and fur kids. We have a pretty busy house with the two dogs, two mini donkeys, two mini cows, chickens and ducks!

What would you say to an aspiring vet?

When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. As much as this is an amazing career, it has its ups and downs – without passion this job can easily get the best of you.