Wendy McKinnon


Wendy McKinnon is one of many emergency vets who calls Animal Emergency Service Tanawha home. After begining her career in general practice, Wendy quickly realised that the job in general practice didn’t deliver the excitement and rewards that emergency could – and so quickly switched her focus to become an emergency vet. Like most veterinarians, Wendy was drawn to helping animals at a young age, inspiring her to become a veterinarian.

Although Wendy has seen a lot of patients in her time, there is one unusual case that comes to mind – once working on a shift, one of her many patients of the night was a poorly pooch who had made a meal of a rotting possum! 

Wendy enjoys working with the team at Tanawha Animal Emergency Service, where she is drawn to their gold class standard of treatment for animals large and small; and the most favourite part of her job is being able to use the latest in medical technology to diagnose and treat her patients.