Here at Animal Emergency Service, we see first-hand just how much people love their pets and the lengths they will go to when it comes to keeping them safe and healthy. However, we also see how overwhelming it can be when unexpected emergency vet bills add up to more than owners can feasibly afford. To avoid making the stressful decision between losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to cover these costs and the health or life of your pet, we recommend that every owner take out pet insurance that will reimburse you for any sudden expenses. This will protect you and your little family member from a potentially heartbreaking choice in the event of illness or accident.

One of the biggest reasons pet owners tend to forego the option of insurance is because they can’t imagine something horrible happening to their pets, especially if they are young and healthy. The unfortunate truth is that, just like your car or your own health, accidents and illness can occur at any time and it pays to be prepared. At AES, we regularly see new additions to the family become sick or injured in ways that their owners never would have predicted. When you neglect to organise pet insurance until after something like this occurs, not only are you not covered for this initial incident, but any illness or injury that your pet has previously experienced may not be covered in the future as it is considered a ‘pre-existing condition’. For this reason, organising insurance when you first add a furry member to your family is the best option for your peace of mind and their future health.

With many different options now available to suit all budgets and needs, organising insurance for your pet has never been more convenient. Most dogs and cats will fall ill or experience some sort of injury throughout their life and regardless of whether this turns out to be big or small, being reimburst for the cost of veterinarian, surgery and medical bills by your insurance provider can quickly and easily make your yearly payments worth it.

If you’re still unconvinced, ask yourself this: if something were to happen to your dog or cat, would you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to save their life and keep them as a part of your family? If the answer is yes, but you’re not sure how you would afford it with merely a moments notice, pet insurance is the right option for you.

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