The Pet Intensive Care Unit (Pet ICU) is a facility located at Underwood, Brisbane, in the same building as the Animal Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialist Services. We are one of the only purpose built animal intensive care units in the country, and take on a variety of cases in South East Queensland (and interstate), that require more than general veterinary care. It operates similarly to a human intensive care unit, where there are nurses, technicians and doctors (veterinarians) who care for the most critical and sick patients, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  

Within our ICU, there are various items that would not be out of place within regular human hospitals, and that is where the importance lies; our goal is to be a facility that operates similarly to any other high standard intensive care unit, but for animals.


The Pet ICU employs a selection of skilled and educated veterinarians, technicians and nurses who pride themselves on providing the highest standard of care to the most intensive and critical of patients in the veterinary industry. 

Throughout the many years this organization has been in operation, it has seen an array of cases. Sitting alongside the emergency and specialist teams, we work together to ensure the patients (your pets) get the necessary care they require, when they need it most.

So what types of cases have come through our doors?

The list is ongoing. Anything from severe animal attacks, trauma, paralysis from both ticks or snakes, neurological deficits including strokes, cardiac patients and those in respiratory distress, severe intoxication or poisoning, medical diseases or infections not limited to Addisons disease and Diabetic Ketoacidosis, post surgical cases including but not limited to GDV (gastric dilation volvulus), hepatic (liver) shunts, obstructions, foreign bodies, it continues. Just like every animal is different, every case is different, and with keeping this in mind every day is never the same as the one before.

And what would you expect if your pet ever came to us?

In the unfortunate event that your pet would ever need intensive care, the facilities of the Pet Intensive care unit are second to none.

The cages were designed with patient comfort in mind; they are large and most have heating that can be turned on with the flick of a switch. There is supplemental oxygen that can be provided to all cages if required. Furthermore, each patient is treated as an individual; some cats prefer to hide in boxes, whereas others prefer blankets. Some dogs enjoy a fan in front of them to help them sleep, and some enjoy extra thick bedding while they are recovering. 

Pet ICU cage

On the technical side, there are monitors to enable the team to check vitals with accuracy including ECG and pulse oximetry, ventilators that are regularly upgraded to ensure we have the best option available for our patients. Nurses, technicians and veterinarians alike frequently undergo continued education and tutorials to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology and information to help provide the most optimum care.

Pet ICU Monitor

The Pet Intensive Care Unit is a facility that never closes and there is always someone there to provide critical and intensive care to those who need it. 

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