Pet adoption is something we’ve all heard about. While carefully selecting a registered breeder is an excellent option, many people still decide to purchase their dog or cat from pet shops or unregistered back yard breeders without thinking of all the beautiful furry friends in shelters who are in desperate need of a good home. At Animal Emergency Service, we are big advocates of adopting rather than shopping, and there is no shortage of reasons as to why that is. So today, we thought we would share with you the top few reasons as to why visiting your local pound is the best way to bring a new Furbaby into your life.

Save a life

The most obvious reason to adopt rather than buy your pet is that shelters and pounds are constantly experiencing severe overpopulation of unwanted animals. This unfortunately means that thousands of our beautiful furry friends are put down every year simply because there are not enough homes available and facilities don’t have the capacity to care for the sheer numbers that come through their doors. When you choose your four legged life partner from a shelter, you give them a second chance at a forever home – something that every animal deserves.

Save money

Many animals in pounds and shelters are already desexed, microchipped, vet checked and vaccinated, meaning that you won’t have to pay for these procedures to be done as you would a store-bought pet. Your new pet is up to date, health checked and ready walk out of the shelter and into your heart and home.

Saving you trouble

Don’t believe the hype – it’s a myth that most dogs and cats in shelters are hostile and aggressive. The reality is that most of these furbabies end up in the pound of shelter simply because the owner was irresponsible or didn’t have the capacity to care for them anymore. While puppies and kittens are often available, choosing a more mature dog from a shelter you’ll find it’s not uncommon for these animals to be comfortable around children or even house trained. This means you could potentially save the time and frustration of toilet training and avoid sleepless nights of puppy cries.

Still not convinced? Visit your local pet shelter or pound and just take a look at the smiling, happy faces around you. These dogs and cats, puppies and kittens are ready for their second chance at a forever home and are eager to give unconditional love and receive it in return. The next time you’re looking for a new pet, do the kind thing and consider the option to adopt, not shop.

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