Brown kitten and lily.

Valentines day: A day where we celebrate the purity of all that is love and romance! Historical customs of this particular day has men rushing about buying bouquets of flowers to surprise their significant others but this can be a deadly decision.

A surprise for many is the fact that some of these expressions of love can be detrimental to our furry friends. Varieties of lily, while a popular choice symbolizing humility and devotion can prove to be fatal to your furry best friend, particularly your furry feline.

How are lilies dangerous?

Several members of the Lily family prove to cause renal tubular injury and acute renal failure resulting in death in cats. All parts of the plant from pollen and the flower to the leaf and stem have been proven to be toxic but it is not yet known how much needs to be consumed for it to be fatal.
The toxins within the water soluble parts of the lily are nephrotoxins meaning they are highly damaging to the kidneys. Cats are particularly susceptible to lily toxicity as the particular toxins present in the lily species are rapidly absorbed and metabolized in cats. Clinical signs can first become noticeable as quickly as two hours after consumption.

Toxicity Symptoms

While symptoms may become evident as quickly as two hours, deadly complications can still arise weeks later.

  • Excessive drooling or salivation phil
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Increase of urination
  • Later there will be a notable decrease in urination (approximately 1-2 days)
  • Renal failure
  • Death


As with any ingestion of a toxic substance pets need to see a veterinarian ASAP! Time is everything and the sooner your pet is decontaminated and treatment is initiated, the better chance your pet has of recovering. Successful treatment of lily toxicity is particularly reliant on a timely response as the overall prognosis for a cat that has ingested a significant amount of the lily plant can be quite poor.

Complacency can easily kill pets. Your veterinarian needs to safely and effectively decontaminate your pet immediately, investigate the damage caused by the toxicity with diagnostics and initiate an aggressive treatment plan including fluid therapy.

кот In summary

Valentines day is a day for showing love. Show your pet you love them by choosing another flower this Valentines day.

Our friendly tip: If you’re trying to impress your loved one today – take care of their beloved pet. There’s nothing romantic about a rushed date at the vet. Make the right choice, the safe choice.  Choose roses or another pet friendly flower this Valentines Day.



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