Here are our favourite moments

Our patients are pretty special, so we thought that we would share the most precious of memories with you. These are a collection of our favourite moments from our Vets and Nurses inside each of the hospitals here at Animal Emergency Service.


Lola was a Labrador puppy who ate something she shouldn’t. She presented to AES UW for vomiting and being unwell. Radiographs and ultrasound showed a foreign body. She underwent prompt surgery and recovered in ICU. She had a very quick recovery and was eating and Bright within hours of surgery. She went home the following day. She’s a favourite patient because she recovered so well and was such a lovely and happy little puppy in hospital.

Natalie Hunt

Lost animals

I love the buzz I get from reuniting lost pets with their owners!
The joy of a dog running to their family and the smiles on people’s faces. Recently I reunited a young black Labrador called Roger to his loving family after he took himself on an unexpected adventure. Mum and daughters were all smiles, with hugs and kisses when Roger ran to them with the waggiest tail.
It’s an awesome feeling.
Zoe Munnings

The Himalayan Cat

We had recently a Himalayan Cat come into our Jindalee Clinic with suspected obstruction. It was rewarding for me to look after the pet and send photos to the owners when they weren’t able to be in the clinic and provide them with updates. It was incredibly emotional when after 4 days he started walking around his cage and eating.
Grace Borg

My favourite cat

My favourite patient was a cat that was in hospital for a few weeks. It was amazing to see the change and recovery that happened during that time and how much difference a bit of TLC can really make to a patient. When she started eating again I think everyone, not just the owners, were excited.

Natalie Warzywoda

Snake Bite Cat

I loved nursing a cat that came into work for a snake bite. He needed al ot of intensive care to get though, was great to see him slowly improve every day with the help of our nurses and be able to go home to his family.

Brook Wilkin

The Pomeranian

After obtaining serious wounds from a dog attack the Pomeranian arrived in cardiac arrest. He was successfully resuscitated by our team and required intensive nursing care. Seeing him go home and the appreciation from the owners was amazing and warmed our hearts.

Leanne McGrath

The Labrador

Nursing a beloved 18 year old Labrador x was a highlight of my nursing career. He had a terrible head injury but was one of the happiest doggies I’ve ever met. Everyday he got a little stronger and watching him wag his tail for his owner after weeks of rehab had us all in tears ❤️

Myffy Tucker

Bahuan: From Brazil to Brisbane

It’s not every day that a dog follows its family to the other side of the world. But Bahuan was an extra special pooch that could not be left behind when his owners moved to Australia from Brazil. A birthday present from Leonardo to his wife, it was love at first...

Gizmo: When Play Fights Go Wrong

When play fights go too far. French bulldog Gizmo arrived with extensive dog attack wounds after a rough and tumble with the other two much larger household dogs went terribly wrong. The traumatised one-year-old pup arrived at our Underwood hospital one Sunday...

Boston’s Paralysis Tick Fight (Episode 5 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast)

As seen on episode 5 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast          Suspecting a deadly paralysis tick, Boston was quickly rushed into Animal Emergency Service by worried owners Rebecca and Wade. By the time he arrived, the poor German Shepherd was completely paralysed from tip...

Marketing Assistant, Underwood (Brisbane)

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Princess: A Hungry Tale (Episode 4 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast)

As seen on Episode 4 – Bondi Vet: Coast To Coast        Concerned parents Kira and Farnine, and their daughter, Zaynib, brought their cat, Princess, into Animal Emergency Service on suspicion that something was wrong. At only 8-months-old, Princess had just given...

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