Animal Emergency Australia Director Jodi MacKinnon with dog

Jodi MacKinnon

Dip Practice Management (Veterinary)

Jodi has played a pivotal role in the growth of Animal Emergency Service. As the Business Manager of both Animal Emergency Service and Perth Vet Emergency, Jodi oversees all staff as well as the daily operations of the businesses.

Her career in the industry started as a veterinary nurse in the early 90s. As the practice grew, Jodi progressed to Practice Manager. She held this position for 15 years until joining Animal Emergency Service in 2007.

In 2012 Jodi was awarded Australian Veterinary Association’s “Business Manager of the Year”, nominated by Dr. Caitlin Logan and the Directors of Animal Emergency Service. Since then, Jodi has overseen the business’ expansion from 2 practices to 5. We’re proud to announce Jodi has been awarded the 2015 AVA Business Manager of the Year again.