Client Care Specialist Lynn Vogler, Animal Emergency Service Tanawha

Lynn Vogler

Client Care Specialist

Working within our Client Care team, Lynn especially enjoys the cases where a good samaritan comes in with a dog or cat they’ve found wandering and she is able to reunite them with their families. When she uses the scanner to check for a microchip and hears the ‘ding’ it’s the best news – especially so when the owners answer the phone. There was one case in particular where the owner said their beloved cat had been missing for six months!

Lynn loves being in the front line, where it’s never dull and you never know what might come through the door – furry, hairy, feathered or feisty! Being able to help and comfort people in distress is a rewarding aspect of the job.

Outside of work, Lynn loves to travel, especially taking her camper trailer to Double Island Point. She loves walking on the beach, reading, canoeing and catching up with her sons.