Animal Emergency Service Underwood Client Care Specialist Zoe Munnings with a kitten

Zoe Munnings

Client Care Manager

Growing up on a farm surrounded by animals as well as constantly bringing strays home, it’s safe to say helping animals is in Zoe’s blood.

After working for a number of hotels in reception, Zoe decided a change was in need. With her hospitality experience equipping her with the people skills needed in emergency situations along with her great love of animals, becoming part of Animal Emergency Service’s Client Care Team was just the path to take.

As Client Care Manager, Zoe plays a large part in helping families from the moment they come through our doors to the moment they leave, and it’s a role she finds rewarding.

“We are the first point of contact when a patient comes through the doors. We are there for the owners; to comfort them, explain our hospital, listen to them and offer solutions. To see the looks on the families faces when a pet goes home is without a doubt the best part of my job.”

Since working for Animal Emergency Service Zoe has seen many memorable cases, but the one that stands out is of a tiny lamb with tick paralysis. In order to remove the tick, the wool needed to be clipped, which turned out to be the lamb’s first shearing experience!

Working in animal emergency medicine, Zoe has witnessed some funny situations, and not just involving animals.

“One of my colleagues accidentally locked herself in a dog pen in our dog ward when she was trying to get a photo of a lost dog to put online!”


Three quick questions with Zoe


Is there somewhere local you like taking your pets?

My little dog, Ollie, is an old man who enjoys a gentle stroll. We are lucky enough to live centrally in Brisbane, so we often pop over to New Farm Park and take our stroll there.


What do you do for fun outside of work?

My partner and I really enjoy going to game arcades! Mario Cart is a favourite.


Tell us why you like working for Animal Emergency Service?

The team is awesome! Genuine people who are kind, educated and hard-working. It is a real privilege to work beside them. Our team is supported by experience, knowledge, open hearts and minds. I believe this is why Animal Emergency Service offers the very best care.