The Animal Emergency Service is concerned about the number of fish hook injuries we’re seeing at this time of year and we have a warning for all South East Qld pet owners.

While fish hook injuries are common given our love for spending time outdoors, we don’t usually see so many pets injured by fish hooks at this time of year.

Last weekend, the Animal Emergency Service on the Sunshine Coast treated 4 pets who’d swallowed fish hooks with one of the most serious being Balsa, a sprightly Border Collie, who ingested a hook while walking on leash at a popular beach near Mooloolaba.

His owner, Ms Kempf heard a crunch while walking and investigated her pup’s mouth only to discover a fishing line.

“He didn’t seem to be in pain but the fishing line was annoying him so we rushed him to the after-hours animal hospital. They tried to remove it via endoscope without success so he was then sedated and x-rayed confirming the fishing hook was lodged in his stomach with surgery being the only choice of removal despite all other attempts.”

The emergency veterinary team scrubbed in for Bulsa’s surgery which was a success and he was discharged to his owner’s care 12 hours after with antibiotics, pain relief and strict instruction for a follow-up appointment with his veterinarian within 3 days.

“This injury is a regular occurrence in Queensland given we enjoy spending time outdoors with our pets. But the number of presentations we’re seeing at this time of year is concerning,” Dr Danielle Huston reports.

“I highly recommend pet owners are warned about this common danger if they’re planning on taking their dogs to the beach so they know they need to take precautions while walking their dogs.”

“Fishing enthusiasts are encouraged to act responsibly by cleaning up after themselves but we know it’s not always malicious. Lines can snap and wash up later so I also encourage everyone to keep a close eye while walking our coastlines and it is vital pet owners are vigilant even when their dog is on a lead.”



Dr Danielle Huston and Dr Matt Rosen (Tanawha, Sunshine Coast) are available for interview. The pet owner may also be available for interview with discretion. Please forward all enquiries to Solange Newton by calling 07 3841 1920 or by email to

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