Our Emergency Veterinary Fees

We understand an unexpected trip to the vet is an emotional time for you and your family and may catch you off guard financially. We are committed to discussing your options for the best and most affordable pet treatment for your situation.

Our Fees

Our fees are competitively priced and are determined by the running cost and resources needed for your special family members.

A consultation fee will apply. Our consultation fees remain the same price no matter the time of day or night. Consultations occurring on public holidays will attract a surcharge. Payment is required at the conclusion of the consultation.

Hospital and consultation fee
Our consultation fee is $148-$168 – please note, there is a surcharge on public holidays

  • A skilled and experienced emergency veterinarian will perform a full physical exam on your pet
  • Your vet will discuss with you their recommended treatment plan for your pet based on the findings of the examination
  • Your vet will then go through details of what you can expect during your pet’s treatment and stay in hospital and answer any questions you may have
  • An estimate of how much any treatment plans discussed will cost will be presented to you
  • Your vet will also provide clinical notes to your primary veterinarian so they are kept up to date about your pet’s health


You will always make the decisions about your pet’s treatment

If your pet’s condition includes a hospital stay, you’ll be required to pay a deposit of the estimated treatment cost to the hospital.

Your veterinary team will discuss any unexpected complications or longer hospital stays with you if they arise and are committed to working within your budgeted limitations.

The remainder of the treatment cost will be payable on the collection of your pet at the end of their stay in hospital.

Your vet will discuss the cost with you before treatment takes place unless it’s an emergency situation.


Payment Options

We have a number of payment options available, including:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (we aren’t able to accept Diners Club)
  • Secure online payment gateway
  • Payment plans are available for approved applicants through VetPay and Zip

We are thankful for the amazing team at VetPay who have considered many of our clients for finance when they are unexpectedly caught without pet insurance to cover the cost of the vet bill.

Applying for VetPay finance is quick and easy and can be done on the spot with our Client Care Team after deciding your preferred treatment option.


Pet Insurance

Unlike humans, pets aren’t covered under the Medicare subsidy program – so we strongly recommend taking out pet insurance to everyone who owns a pet.