Hash Brown wins World #1 in cuteness. This six-month-old pup’s tennis game, however, could use some work. Definitely no Lleyton Hewitt, while technically scoring an Ace, swallowing a tennis ball was most certainly a rookie error!

Aside from the obvious non-digestible parts of a tennis ball (that would be all parts!), the ‘fuzz’ acts like sandpaper creating wear and tear on a dog’s teeth… not to mention insides.

Hash Brown’s family, Krystal and Rogan, witnessed their Staffy tearing up and swallowing pieces of a tennis ball and quickly rushed him to us. Eliminating the need for radiographs and an endoscopy, Dr Alannah first tried inducing vomiting which successfully brought up rubber and tennis ball material… along with biscuits, leaves, and sticks!

Hash Brown

Dangers of Everyday Toys

Dogs love and need to chew. It’s instinctual and keeps them entertained. However, it is important to choose safe options. Here are some common household toys to be aware of:

  • Stuffed animals (especially with Poly-Fil as it an become a choking hazard and intestinal problem is swallowed)
  • Squeaky toys with bells (plastic noisemakers and bells are too easily swallowed if they become separated from the toy)
  • Latex (like with humans, can be an allergen)
  • Vinyl toys with Phthalate
  • Tug ropes and pull toys (causes dental damage and vigorous play with pull toys commonly results in accidental bites to humans)
  • Pig ears (can be a choking hazard, and is not easily digestible for dogs)
  • Rawhide (common choking and swallowing hazard, also treated with nasty chemicals)
  • Dog balls (consider the size and non-toxic materials before purchasing, small balls can become slimy and easily slip down their throats)
  • Soft rubber chew toys (break down too easily, crumble which are then easily swallowed)
  • Chew toys with a hole in the middle (too easy for dogs to get stuck in or if ingested, forms a suction making it difficult to remove)
  • Dogs toys made in a dubious origin (consider safety standards, or potential lack thereof and buy locally made products if unsure)

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