Don’t forget your pet these school holidays – Here are some ideas the team at Animal Emergency Service has put together for you.

We spend nearly every day with our four legged children, walking them, feeding them and caring for them. Pet ownership in Australia is among one of the highest worldwide and they are readily becoming accepted as members of the family. Now we ask ourselves, why not take them on holidays with us?

Australia is  fast catching up to the international idea of ‘pet holidays’, with a variety of holiday options available for every family. On these holidays, owners and their fur babies can safely and happily holiday together camping, going four wheel driving along the coast or even have a luxury pampered hotel room featuring custom made beds and gourmet organic dog treats! (The Langham Sydney for approx $120 per pet, per night).

Once you’ve made the decision to holiday with your pet, the choices are endless. With many websites available that showcase and rent different types of accomodation all over Australia. Some options can include:

  • Love Me Love My Dog
  • Stayz
  • AirBnb
  • Take Your Pet

There is accomodation to compliment any family holiday expectations ranging from camping sites, motels, farm stays to luxury hotels that provide boutique pet friendly rooms.

Whilst searching for your desired accomodation, keep in mind the limitations of your pet. Consider factors like – they old and arthritic? Will they be able to walk up stairs or do they require a lift? Will they be allowed to be left on their own or will they become anxious and destructive.
Another important note to keep in mind are  any questions you might have about the property itself. Whilst many properties allow pets year round, some are seasonal or have specific requirements. Certain properties only allow dogs outside so it is also a good idea to check if the property is fenced just in case! It’s always a great idea to phone ahead and ask any questions that you have in order to give you piece of mind and ensure you are prepared and that you’re not disappointed once you arrive. Questions to consider:

  • Are there any weight restrictions?
  • Are the animals allowed on the furniture?

Once you and your furry pet have your holiday booked and your camera charged for all those Instagram pictures, then the following list can be adhered to for a stress free holiday!  Happy Easter! Happy baby boy playing with dog on Easter day. Easter decoration

  1. Ensure your pet microchip details and ID collar are up to date.
  2. Make sure all your pet’s vaccinations and worming are up to date! This is ESSENTIAL.
  3. Bring your pets bed, food, toys etc. Sounds simple, but it’s very easy to miss Fidos bed when everyone’s excited about hitting the beach!
  4. Remember to stop for plenty of wee breaks for both yourself and your pet. Tired drivers are very dangerous on the road, and your fluffy pet will appreciate the constant stops to stretch their legs.

Most important of all, have fun! There’s nothing like making memories with your extended furry family. They love being included and your vet at Animal Emergency Service will love to hear about their adventures!


By Rebecca Lewis

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