Life at Animal Emergency Service centres around our culture. We pride ourselves on our passionate and driven team, who are all connected and inspired by our mutual values.
Meet Brittany – Vet Science student, Equine graduate, passionate animal lover, avid soccer player… and our brightest new Client Care Representative!

“I love it… It’s so good. It’s everything I have wanted and needed in a job”

Do what you LOVE, and LOVE what you do we say! For passionate Brittany coming to work is a joy.

“It reminds me of what I’m studying at uni so it makes it easy to go to work”

Brittany with Dolphin

Dreams of Vet Life

Brittany has dreamt of being a veterinarian since she was a young child. Originally completely uninterested with biology, she was lucky to have her interest ignited by a passionate high school teacher. With growing enthusiasm, she discovered a deep enjoyment of working through the scientific process of a problem and how to fix it.

Unfortunately her first university application for Vet Science wasn’t accepted but that didn’t deter dedicated Brittany one bit. With a lifelong love of horses she set out to complete an Equine degree first and after achieving the required grades with flying colours has since transferred into Vet Science. Just the sort of attitude we love at AES!

Brittany with horse

Why work for AES?

“AES go above and beyond for pets and clients”

Brittany was first inspired by a university talk on Emergency Triage and Critical Care from our Senior Veterinarian and Jindalee Hospital Director Dr Gerardo Poli.

“I took so much away from the way he presented, how he described what he would prioritise and why he would do it… I thought, that’s really cool! I need to give this a go!”

This sparked an adrenaline rush within excited Brittany where she set her sights on working with the Animal Emergency Service.

Brittany explains how AES are the first point of call when there is no one else. Pet owners come in so distressed, needing comfort and assurance. Her caring nature is clear as she describes how she loves to be there for them in that moment.

Fast forward a year and Brittany now works side by side Gerardo at Jindalee Animal Emergency Hospital as Client Care Representative. Being able to observe how Gerardo interacts with clients, handles situations and how he conducts professionalism has been hugely beneficial for Brittany to witness in person. Watching it in practice helps it sink in and reinforces her studies. Enjoying the friendly team culture where everyone can have a laugh but also be serious about the job has been an added bonus, with Gerardo in particular known as a bit of a jokester!

“Everyone’s been really welcoming, open and more than happy to help out with questions out front. Especially Grace”

Grace Borg is our valued Client Care Manager at Underwood AES.

Brittany with dog

Future plans?

Long term, Brittany will likely pursue her love of working with horses in equine, locomotion, rehab or the sports industry. But for now she is enjoying gaining new expertise at AES with smaller animals, an area she did not have as much experience with before.

“I’m trying to soak up and learn as much as possible”

Welcome to the AES family Brittany!

If you are interested in a rewarding career with AES, visit our website Careers and Student Placement section.

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