So you have seen your vet and have heard those dreaded words “just give Fluffy one of these pills twice a day and he will be back to himself in no time”.

“Oh sure” you think, whilst breaking into a cold sweat, “that’s easy enough for you to say but my sweet little Fluffy turns into the hulk on a bad day the minute he hears the pill packet opened”.

Never fear, these tips will help to make the process stress free for you and Fluffy. 


Most pets are food lovers and will do almost anything for a treat. Wrap your medication in something your pet loves (a small piece of cheese, fish, a soft treat, anything with a strong scent and flavour) and make it a game. 

Hold a few of your treats in your hand, with only one containing the dreaded medication and make your pet work for them- high fives, sits, stays etc. This is a great game to sneak the medication past their astute noses.  Pet Meds


This only works for pets that eat wet, smelly foods but can be very effective. Simply break your pill into small pieces and mix together with their daily meal. A lot of pets are so happy to be eating that they don’t notice the little impostor mixed through their yummy dinner. Just be sure to check the bowl well to make sure none has been missed. 


Some pets are too smart for our tricks and will do whatever they can to avoid their medicine. This isn’t as stressful or scary as it sounds. If you are quick and confident then it can be stress free for all involved.

For small dogs and cats, pop them up on a table or bench and stand beside them with your dominant hand closest to them. This is the same for large dogs, just without the table. 

Giving Meds To Dogs Now all you need to do (in as quick of a motion as you can manage) is, using your dominant hand, grip your pets top jaw just behind his canine teeth (the ones that look like fangs) using his lips to cover his teeth . Lift his head up, then bring your other hand in to play, with the pill between your thumb and forefinger use your ring and pinky fingers to gently push down on Fluffy’s lower jaw to open in enough to pop the pill as far down toward his throat as possible. 

Now quickly close his mouth and gently rub his throat to encourage swallowing- you can also gently blow in his nose to help him to swallow. Following this with a treat will also help him to swallow, and make the experience more enjoyable for him.


If you feel like you have tried everything and are still not successful, have a chat to your vet. We are here to help and are more than happy to give a demo, hints and tips to make the experience easier for you and Fluffy. 

Remember, be confident, calm and quick – and we hope Fluffy is feeling better soon!

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