Life is such a joyous and wonderful thing to have, it’s something that needs to be cherished and used to the fullest. If working in emergency and critical pet care has taught us just one thing, it would be to make the most of every moment. Live life to the fullest and follow your dreams.


That’s exactly what we want to help you and your furry friend do with the ultimate puppy adventure list. You’re never too young or too old to do what you love; your puppy adventure list will help make the most of the wonderful time that you and your fur babies share together.

The big difference between a human

and a doggy bucket list is they don’t need to go skydiving or experience the aurora borealis with their own eyes. Our pup’s dreams are often simpler than this… give them fresh air, good food and their best friend (you) by their side and they are happy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a grand adventure for your companion, however remember to tailor this list to the experiences your dog would want to have with you, rather than the experiences you want for your dog.

Some of the best bucket list items can be the simplest if they fit your dog’s personality.
Here is a list of our favourite puppy bucket list items to suit all types of puppers, doggos or woofers:

In-between Dogs

For the Adventurous

Does your dog love to be outdoors, in the water, splashing in mud or on the beach? Here are some adventurous bucket list suggestions they might enjoy:

  • Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Hiking tips
  • Doggy obstacle course tour
  • Road trips
  • Bike riding
  • 4WD Driving
  • A trip to the snow

adventurous dog

For the Foodies
From puppy chinos to gourmet dog biscuits, this list of pup-approved food adventures is sure to have your furry friend’s mouth watering:

  • Find the best doggy ice-creamery near you
  • Hugos Ice Creamery (has pet specific ice cream)
  • Go on a foodie adventure to local pet friendly cafes
  • White House Cafe – Victoria Point (does doggy chinos and has a play area for dogs)
  • Little black pug cafe – Mt Gravatt

Dog Eating


For the Homebodies

For those dogs who would just rather snuggle up on the couch (or even better in your lap), here’s a list of lazy activities you and your best friend could enjoy together:

  • Create a doggy home movie making your doggo a superstar
  • While it may not be in your house, we are sure your pampered pup will enjoy this:
  • Pawfect place – Yarabilba (a day spa for pets)
  • Pool party with all of his/her puppy friends or just his favourite person (hint… that’s you)

For the Clingers

We all know that one pup who never leaves it’s owners side, no matter what. Here are our favourite things to do with a dog who just can’t get enough of our attention:

  • Doga (doggy yoga)
  • Outdoor movies
  • A weekend away camping
  • Beach visits. Here are some dog friendly beaches in Queensland:
  • Stumers Creek, Coolum
  • Nudgee Beach, Brisbane
  • Doggy Beach, Noosa Heads
  • Currumbin Dog Beach
  • Buddina Off Leash Dog Beach
  • Colmslie Recreation Reserve off Leash Dog Park Beach, Morningside
  • The Spit Dog Off Leash Beach

Clingy Dogs

For Anyone In-between

We all know that we can’t confine our amazing pup’s personalities into a single box. Here are some of our weird and wonderful puppy bucket list items that deserve a category of their own:

  • Dog Park Visits – don’t forget your lead!
  • Dog day events to meet all sorts of furry friends
  • You could watch your kid’s sporting game together
  • Puppy picnic with other family and friends that have dogs

Whether at the beginning or nearing the end, all of our puppies deserve their own adventure list to tick off with their best friend. Our dogs are wise enough to know that the experience has been planned out just for them. So, no matter what you choose to add to your pet’s bucket list, just remember, the greatest adventure of all is the time that you get to spend together.

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