The Animal Emergency Service (AES) is a specialised veterinary practice developed to provide urgent medical attention to pets and wildlife regardless of the time of day. Located at Underwood (Brisbane), Carrara (Gold Coast), Tanawha and Noosaville (Sunshine Coast), the Animal Emergency Service opens their doors EVERY EVENINGEVERY WEEKEND and EVERY PUBLIC HOLIDAY without fail.

Upon arrival to an AES hospital, pet owners are met by friendly staff who assess their pet’s status. If the pet is critically ill, they’re taken immediately to the treatment room and stabilised while the owner waits in a private consultation room for the veterinarian. If the pet isn’t critical they wait in a consultation room, with their owner, for a veterinarian to perform a thorough physical examination.

The emergency & critical care veterinarian will make recommendations based on the examination and discuss outpatient treatment to be followed up with their regular veterinarian, or hospitalisation. Owners are encouraged to ask questions about their pet’s condition and treatment as it is important they are comfortable with the treatment plan and have a clear understanding of the situation.

In the event of hospitalisation, there is round the clock monitoring and treatment by the team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals. A further advantage is the state of the art equipment on hand including x-ray, ultrasound, video endoscope, oxygen therapy equipment, life support ventilators, monitors such as pulse oximeters, ECG, blood pressure and capnography equipment, surgical suites, in-house blood testing, immediate access to blood and plasma for transfusions, and antivenene on site for all common snakes as well as tick anti serum. There are also Pet Intensive Care wards for highly critical patients who are closely monitored by their own dedicated team.

Upon discharge to go home, or to their regular veterinarian, a report is provided to the owner and a detailed version forwarded to their vet clinic to keep their primary veterinarian up to speed. These standards have maintained AES’s reputation for being the best in their field and strengthened their relationship with veterinarians in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

For many years, after hours treatment meant exhausting working hours for vets which took a toll on their families and lead to widespread professional burn-out. The premium service offered by Animal Emergency Service provides reassurance and advice to pet owners while their primary veterinarian has a deserved break. The Animal Emergency Service is available every night, weekend and public holiday without fail.

Written by Solange Newton, Feb 2016


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