Animal Emergency Service Carrara Veterinarian Dr Alannah Jupe

Dr Alannah Jupe

BVSc (Hons)

Having always loved animals and finding them to be the best company anyone could ask for, it was no surprise Alannah became a vet. Before joining us at Animal Emergency Service Alannah had a few twists and turns in her career. Starting her career in a small animal specialist internship at Veterinary Specialist Service Alannah enjoyed the variety of cases the hospital saw. Soon after her internship, she spent a few years in a general practice. Alannah soon missed the fast-paced and excitement of working in a hospital, and it wasn’t long before she moved to emergency medicine where she’s been ever since.

When we asked Alannah about her most memorable patient, she was quick to tell us of a dog whose owners thought had died after collapsing in their yard. “When they arrived at our hospital she had extremely poor circulation, pinpoint pupils and was not responding.” After administering fluid resuscitation with minimal effects, Alannah commenced adrenaline CRI and saw rapid improvements, and within hours you wouldn’t have even known she had been so sick, she was completely back to normal! And the reason for the collapse – suspected hypersensitivity reaction from an insect bite.

Being able to see such dramatic improvements in patients and being able to share such good news with their owners are the moments that Alannah cherishes. “This case was so special because owners were so certain their beloved dog was gone and rapid treatment allowed her to recover back to normal. Not many cases present as poorly as she did and are 100% their normal selves only hours later and ready to go home in the morning with no serious underlying disease that needs ongoing management.”

It isn’t easy becoming a vet. There are many years and long hours of studying, which can be easy to lose yourself in. Alannah’s advice to those aspiring to become a vet is to look after yourself. “Study is hard but also remember to take care of yourself in the process. You need to look after yourself so as you can look after all the animals in the future.”


Three quick questions with Dr Alannah


Is there somewhere local you like taking your pets?

I have an indoor-only cat – he does have a Chihuahua best friend who he likes to visit for playdates. My Border Collie is getting on in age, she prefers a short stroll to the park and then back home for rest.


What do you do for fun outside of being Dr Alannah?

I love a good day at the beach or a nice hike, either along the beachfront or up in the Gold Coast Hinterland.


Tell us why you like working for Animal Emergency Service.

Working for Animal Emergency Service is amazing. The team at Carrara are the best combination of helpful and dedicated vets and nurses you could find. Everyone is willing to go the extra step to ensure every pet gets the best care – whether that be advice, assistance or support. Every pet is treated like their own.

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