Animal Emergency Service Carrara Veterinarian Dr Jodie Wilson with a frog

Dr Jodie Wilson


When Dr Jodie is asked what drew her to helping animals, the answer she gives is a unique one – she grew up quite literally in a veterinary surgery! The Wilson family lived on the top floor of their family vet practice. But how did Dr Jodie end up in emergency medicine at Animal Emergency Service? After working and owning her own vet clinic she was looking for a new challenge – a challenge where she could practise medicine and surgery at the highest level possible, where she could collaborate with a team of specialist and leaders in emergency medicine field. She found all of that and more with us, and since then hasn’t looked back. In fact, Dr Jodie’s daughter is now part of the Animal Emergency Service family, joining our Client Care Team at our Underwood hospital!

Life as an emergency vet is certainly never boring. the most unusual case, dare we say unique, Dr Jodi has had was a snake who became stuck in a decoration from its own enclosure. Believe it or not, power tools were needed to help this slippery patient! But for Dr Jodie the patients that make a lasting impression are the patients that come with a seemingly simple complaint which turn out to be a true emergency. Seeing patients with impossible wounds be repaired, patients who spend a week on a ventilator or need multiple blood transfusions; seeing these patients go home to their families and the difference she and her team are able to make is her reason why she became a vet.

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